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As the small biz owner, we prioritize you too!

WorkPlace Remedies' HR Solutions help bridge the gap between your company's vision and actual performance. We strengthen your operations with our human centric HR Expertise, and we leave you with sustainable and effective HR programs that continually support your business growth and trajectory over time.

Workplace Remedies is the leading edge of HR.
 We believe that for every employer that prioritizes the human experience, success is inevitable! Founder, B.Renae, SHRM-SCP, has always had a passion for understanding people and elevating the Black community. Putting years into earning a Psychology degree and studying Emotional Intelligence (EQ), our Founder made it her mission to lead employers to success by prioritizing the experience of their most valuable asset,  human  capital.

WPR's mission is to change the way that people experience Human Resources, so we positioned ourselves to be a resource to help elevate the community and build better businesses.  For small businesses like yours, we specialize in building ground-up HR departments. You'll get the best of HR worlds with outsourced support and a proactive HR Business Partner to drive the HR function toward achieving its purpose. When you're ready, HRBPs are placed on site and are available for you and only you, whenever you need them. Really!
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"I prefer the me that I am when no one is watching, even when they are. That is confidence in character."



— Katy R.

" I loved working with Brittany!  She has a wonderful combination of integrity, problem solving, professionalism, and kindness.  She encouraged me so that I grew personally and professionally.  I feel grateful for the time we worked together."

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