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 WorkPlace Remedies understands that your time is valuable and must be prioritized for the things that are most important. As business owners and busy people leaders, we recognize that you do not always have the time to consult with a live HR Professional for advice. Because we know this, and exist to help lead you to success, we developed a survival guide toolkit that further serves you by meeting you right where your business needs are. We call it Surviving HR.

Surviving HR starter kit works exactly as it sounds. It enables you to "Survive HR" without having direct access to a HR Professional. Whether you are an employer or HR representative, navigating HR issues can be a difficult and lone road. Surviving HR starter kits give you insight, perspective and the tools you need to begin effectively navigating and impacting the world of humans in your workplace. Surviving HR starter kits equip you with cost efficient foundational tools needed to function as HR. The starter kit is designed for us, by us, and with your business in mind.


Starter kits are available for purchase here.

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